2018 Karate Madrid World Championships

Karate World Cup 2018

2018 Karate Madrid World Championships

Madrid hosts the 2018 World Karate Championships. A few days after the most long-held event of the Karate calendar worldwide, Madrid has a festive and Olympic atmosphere. The event will be from 6 to 11 November 2018 at the WiZink Center Stadium in Madrid. Presentation of the Spanish Karate National Team 2018.
2018 Karate World Cup
Spanish National Team. 2018 Karate World Cup
Let’s remember that Karate will be Olympic in 2020 so this is the big date before the premiere of Karate as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020. The Spanish Karate team in the two disciplines will consist of the following members:   In Kata femenino, individual: Sandra Sánchez and marta García, Lidia Rodríguez and Raquel Roy. Instead in male Kata: Damian Quintero as a clear podium candidate in individual kata. The modality of Kata by Teams, the team formed by José Manuel Carbonell, Sergio Galán and Francisco José Salazar. Changing the third, in women’s Kumite those selected by the federation are Gema Morales (-50 kg), Carlota Fernández (-55), Cristina Ferrer (-61 and team), Cristina Vizcaíno (-68 and team), Laura Palacio (+68 and team) and María Torres (team). In men’s Kumite: Matías Gómez (-60), Raúl Cuerva (-67 and team), Rodrigo Ibáñez (-75 and team), Pablo Arenas (-84 and team), Seck Babacar (+84 and team), Marcos Martínez (team), Alejandro Molina (team) and Samy Ennkhaili (team) The two parakárate selections will complete the Spanish representation: Víctor Manuel Prieto, Carlos Huertas, Antonio Gutiérrez and Ester de León. In the modality of intellectual disability, Francisco José Lozano in visual impairment and Isabel Fernández in wheelchair.   In the meantime you can enjoy our world deals, come to our store in Villaviciosa de Odón and stop by our online store: http://www.kimonosport.com. Our karateguis section: https://www.kimonosport.com/tienda/categoria/uniformes/karategis/   We wish you all the best results Oss!   Kimonosport-web www.kimonosport.com  

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