Authentic Karategi – Tokaido Ultimate

authentic karategi

The authentic karategi

Welcome to the legendary Japan. Welcome to the presentation of authentic karategui, karategi by antonomasia, the original Tokaido, the real, the Ultimate.

In this video we explain everything about the Tokaido Ultimate. How it was created, where it is manufactured, how it is, what its fabric looks like, cutting, etc…

This suit transports us to Japan from the great masters, where what we know today as Karate and what we now know as karategi was forged.

The one who knows karate knows the Ultimate. Anyone who knows the Ultimate knows karate.

Ultimate – Deep down

This exceptional costume is available in Spain, and is closer than you think. Stop by our Madrid store and try it on. Get professional advice and get out of doubt. This is the real Karategi.

If you try it on, you won’t want anything else.

The manufacture of this suit is legendary. It’s done like the first day. The same way as always. Original handmade tokaido. Inimitable. Its quality is unmatched. The fabric, the cut, the details, everything. Everything is simply Japanese, simply original.

Tokaido Factory
Tokaido Factory

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