Cheap Karateguis

Cheap Karateguis

In our post today we are going to talk about cheap Karateguis. Talking about cheap karateguis is not synonymous with poor quality karateguis. Talking about our cheap karateguis is synonymous with garments made with dedication and taste adapted and designed for children. As you will see later, these karateguis are well thought out and thought out and the best thing is that they have a spectacular price.   He’s coming back to school and the kids. They’ve grown!!!, and of course last year’s karategi has fallen short. Don’t worry, in Kimonosport we have some karateguis designed especially for the little ones of the house. You can directly access the karateguis via this link: cheap Karateguis  



Kaishi 6OZ economic karategui

This Karategui is designed for the little ones. It is available from 90cms, making it perfect for starters.

Soft and resistant which is mainly the most important thing for them first to protect your skin and second to make a fabric that does not tear easily. It incorporates double seams which gives it a sturdy structure.

This karategui is sold with a good quality white belt to make it very easy to start making martial arts.

Ironing is very easy due to its soft fabric made of 100 cotton.

It is available in black and white collaps:

Kenpogi Kaishi 6OZ

The aspect that is also important in this karategui is the price.

The price is from 16o:


Now it’s the turn of those who specialize in some of the karate areas like kata.



This karategui specializes in kata. It is oriented for those who already know how to do some basic katas and even superior!!

Kata Master Junior - Cheap Karategui
Kata Master Junior
Trouser detail

Now there’s a comment on the price. This karategui is available from 39,90o. Yes, you’ve seen it well, 39,90. VAT Included.

Here is the direct link to the Kata Master Junior tab:

We do not play with prices trying to make the customer see a price and at the last moment ZASS!! we introduce VAT and the price is no longer the one you saw on the product card. We show the prices as is. What you see is what the product costs. The cart will show you what you have to pay for transportation.

All clear and unstalled.

    Sources: Kimonosport Kimonosport_web s.l.  

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