Comparative Karategi Shureido, Tokaido, Hirota.

karategi Hirota Takumi

It is an honor for us to be able to present three great brands with three of their great Karateguis. These brands are Japanese and make their Karateguis by hand. To talk about them is to talk about karategi. To talk about them is to talk about Karatedo. To talk about them is to talk about the history of Karate.

Did you know that Lord Shizuo Sugiura was the first to make a garment expressly made for karate and named after Karategi? This man was the founder of Karategi and the founder of the TOKAIDO brand.

Are you Karateka?, immerse yourself with us in this analysis of the best Karategis for the Kata.

They are three of the flagships of the brands. These three Karateguis that we are going to introduce you represent the best of the best in Kata’s competition Karateguis. They are the most careful, pampered and representative garments of competition karate. They keep in their fibers the essence of karate while going on the market to offer the best to the general public.

Below you can see the comparison we have made of the 3 ASES of Kata.

Karategis comparison

If you can’t watch the video click this link as it will lead you to watch the video directly on Youtube: Comparative

In this video we present the three karateguis and explain the technical details of each one, in addition the good news for everyone is that these Karateguis finally have them very close.

The 3 karateguis can be found in our Madrid store in Villaviciosa de Odón, Avenida de Quitapesares 50B.

In the shop you can try the Karategis and receive professional advice as well as see a range of Karategis never seen before. Karategis for all tastes and pockets.

In addition, the Shureido can be purchased online: Shureido New_Wave_3

And the Tokaido too: Tokaido Kata Master PRO

We hope you enjoyed the video and that you can give us your opinions and “likes”.

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