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Great actor and martial artist Jackie Chan reveals near-death experiences.

We tell you the Curiosities about Jackie Chan, the legend of action and martial arts cinema will publish this year his memoirs and promisestrong emotions.

Chan Kong-sang (HongKong( April 7, 1954), better known as Jackie Chan,is a martial artist, comedian, singer, actor, acrobat, stunt double,stunt coordinator action, director, screenwriter,producer, Chinese cinematographic. The son of Charles and Lee-Lee, Chan was born in Hong Kong on 7 April 1954 and named “Gang Sheng”, which means “born in Hong Kong”, although in China he is much more known by his Cantonese name: “Sheng Lon”. His family is from Yantai,a city that belongs to ShandongProvince, which is characterized by having been the cradle of great fighters. He is one of the world’s most recognized men in martial artscinema, known mainly for his charisma, acrobatic style fights, improvised use of any object at his fingertips and for his high-risk scenes. In his career he has acted in more than a hundred films.
Jackie Chan – Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


This year the memoirs of Jackie Chan, a legend in China and… well, all over the world, being the first to join martial arts and humor, with impossible choreography and very fun. The actor has always insisted on not using action doubles in his scenes (something like Tom Cruise, but of course, the American doesn’t fight) and that has brought him a lot of fame, but also a lot of problems and, as the editorial of his biography advances, written half-heartedly with Zhu Mo , moments very close to death.  
Jackie Chan Memories
Jackie Chan Memories
  ‘Never Grow Up’,a title with which his memoirs will be published next November, promises to be riddled with details unknown to the general public. The publication will recount from his earliest childhood and his time at the Chinese School of DramaticArt, the pros and cons of his life in Hollywood, his near-death experiences – both on and off the film sets – and his life as father and husband. ‘Never Grow Up’ will be published on November 6, and we can’t feel like having it in our hands. And you, are you also a true Jackie Chan fan?  


Looking back we could advance a few of those films that have meant the actor to be closer to the world of the dead than that of the living.

  • He almost lost his eye rolling ‘The Drunk Entere’
  • Walked on embers burning in ‘The Legend of the Drunken Master’
  • He fractured his rib when he collided with a helicopter in ‘Police Story 3: Supercop’
  • Broke his legs in ‘History of a Crime’
  • The spine almost breaks when it falls from a height of 6 stories in ‘Project A’
  • He dislocated his sternum in Operation Condor
  • Serious burns in ‘Police Story’

But the strongest of them all was rolling ‘The Armor of God’ when, when he fell from a tree, he hit his head, fracturing his skull and having to undergo emergency brain surgery. He recovered quickly, but lost almost all of the hearing in his right ear.

      In any case Jackie Chan still gives firewood at 64 years old, and the truth is that with a lot of money. His latest film “The Foreigner” is an exciting Thriller. A movie that carries more than action. ‘The foreigner’ evokes very 1990s political thrillers, it doesn’t quite come out of the typical mold of action cinema, but the difference is the performances of his talented roster of veteran stars. Pierce Brosnan’s presence allows the great actor not to draw his character as a stereotypical villain. Instead he creates a guy who, without being sympathetic, is not the classic black-and-white nemesis. Given the premise, namely Jackie Chan against a group of Irish terrorists guilty of her daughter’s death, the result is reasonably lukewarm with a rather perepilgrim and misplaced and, at least delicate, subject.
Jackie Chan - The Foreigner
Jackie Chan – The Foreigner
  Let’s give a brief review of Chan’s filmography. Here you can appreciate the very extensive work of a life dedicated to cinema.  


Original titleTitle in SpainDegree in Latin America
2017Bleeding SteelBleeding SteelBleeding SteelLin Dong
The Lego Ninjago MovieThe Lego Ninjago MovieLego Ninjago: The MovieMaster Wu (Voice)
The ForeignerThe foreignerThe relentlessQuan
2016Kung Fu YogaKung Fu YogaKung Fu YogaJack
SkiptraceCatch a thiefA disquiet coupleDetective Bennie
Kung Fu Panda 3Kung Fu Panda 3Kung Fu Panda 3Monkey (voice)
2015Dragon BladeDragon BladeDragon BladeHuo Han
2013Police Story 2013Police Story 2013Police Story 2013Zhong Wen
2012Chinese Zodiac CZ12Chinese ZodiacZodiac operationJc
2011Kung Fu Panda 2Kung Fu Panda 2Kung Fu Panda 2Monkey (voice)
191119111911Huang Xing
The Karate KidThe Karate KidKarate KidMr. Ha
Little Big SoldierLittle Big SoldierThe Last WarriorsThe soldier
The Spy Next DoorThe Super KangarooMy neighbor is a spyBob Ho
2008The Forbidden KingdomThe Forbidden KingdomThe Forbidden KingdomLu Yan
Shinjuku IncidentRevenge of the dragonRevenge of the dragonNick
Kung Fu PandaKung Fu PandaKung Fu PandaMonkey (voice)
2007Rush Hour 3Tip time 3An explosive couple 3Inspector Lee
2006Rob-B-HoodTwo and a half thievesTwo and a half thievesFong
2005The MythThe Immortal DragonThe mythJack/Meng Yi
2004The Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the RoseThe Chronicles of HuaduThe Chronicles of HuaduWai Shing
New Police StoryNew police storyMaximum betrayalInspector Chan
Enter the PhoenixA crazy mobEnter the PhoenixCameo
Around the World in 80 DaysAround the world in 80 daysAround the world in 80 daysPassepartout/Lau Xing
2003The Twins EffectThe Twins EffectVampire effectParamedic
The MedallionThe power of the talismanThe power of the talismanEddie Yang
Shanghai KnightsShanghai RebelsShanghai Kid in LondonChon Wang
2002The TuxedoThe tuxedoThe tuxedoJimmy Tong
2001Rush Hour 2Tip Time 2An explosive couple 2Inspector Lee
Accidental SpySpy by accidentSpy by accidentBuck Yuen
2000Shanghai NoonShanghai KidShanghai Kid: East to WestChon Wang
1999GorgeousTop rivalDanger in Hong Kongchan
Rush HourPeak timeAn explosive coupleInspector Lee
1998Who am I?Who am I?Who am I?Agent Jackie Chan
1997Jackie Chan: My StoryJackie Chan: My StoryMy storyJackie Chan
Burn Hollywood BurnHollywood in the redHollywood in the redCameo
Mr. Nice GuyThe superchefThe invincibleChef Jackie
1996Police Story IV: First StrikeImminent impactFirst impactJackie Chan
1995ThunderboltOperation ThunderThunderboltChan Foh To
1994Rumble in the BronxHard to killMassacre in New YorkKeong
Drunken Master IIThe Legend of the DrunkFighterDrunk Enmaster IIWhon Fei Hung
1993Crime StoryCrime storyHistory of a crimeInspector Chan
City HunterCity HunterUrban hunterRiu Zaeba
1992Police Story III: SupercopSupercopElite commandoJackie Chan
1991Twin DragonsTwin DragonsTwin DragonsBoomer and Rocky
Island of FireIsland of FireThe PrisonerSteve
Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the BeastBeauty and the BeastBeast (voice)
1990Operation CondorOperation CondorArmor of God IIJackie
1989MiraclesGangster for a little miracleGangster for a little miracleKuo Chen Wah
1988Police Story 2Supercopinated in distressPolice story part IIKevin Chan
1987Dragons ForeverThe Three DragonsDragons ForeverJackie Chan/Jackie Lung
Project A Part IIThe treasures of the China SeaProject A IIDragon Ma
1986Armour of GodGod’s ArmorGod’s ArmorJackie
1985Police StoryInvincible weaponsPolice storyJackie Chan/Kevin
Heart of Dragon / First MissionHeart of DragonDragon’s HeartTat Fung / Ted
The ProtectorThe ProtectorThe ProtectorJackie Chan / Billy Wong
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky StarsTwinkle, Twinkle Lucky StarsTwinkle, Twinkle Lucky StarsMuscles
My Lucky StarsMy lucky starMy lucky starMuscles
1984Wheels on MealsThe Super-BrawlersMeals at homeThomas
Project A / Pirate PatrolThe Pirates of the China SeaProject AJackie Chan/Dragon Ma
1983Fearless Hyena Part IIWild Hyena 2The indomitable hyena 2Shing Lung
Cannonball Run IIThe Cannonball II FoolsCrazy Race IIJackie Chan
Winners and SinnersWinners and sinnersWinners and vanquishedCID 07
1982Dragon LordLord DragonThe Master of DragonsDragon
1980The Cannonball RunThe Cannonball FoolsCrazy raceJackie Chan
The Big BrawlChicago’s FuryThe Big FightJerry Kwan
The Young MasterThe ChineseThe Young MasterLung Dragon
Half a Loaf of Kung FuThe Kung Fu ApprenticeThe Fury of the SnakeJiang
1979The Fearless HyenaWild HyenaThe fearless hyenaShing Lung
1978Drunken MasterThe drunken masterThe drunken masterFredy Huan/Wong Fei Hung
Snake in Eagle’s ShadowThe Snake in the Shadow of the EagleThe Snake in the Shadow of the EagleChieng Fu
Dragon FistThe Dragon’s FistDragon FistsHow-Yuen
Spiritual Kung FuSpiritual Kung FuSpiritual Kung FuYi-Lang
Magnificent BodyguardsThe super bodyguardsThe super bodyguardsTing Chung
Snake and Crane Arts of ShaolinThe style of the snake and the Shaolin craneShaolin ArtsHsu Ying Fung
1977To Kill with IntrigueKilling treasonKilling treasonHsiao
Killer MeteorsImmortal MeteorImmortal MeteorImmortal
1976Shaolin Wooden MenThe ruthlessShaolin Wooden MenLittle Mute
New Fist of FuryEastern Fury IINew Fist of FuryCheng Long
Hand of DeathThe Hand of DeathThe Hand of DeathSo Feng
1973Police WomanThe Young TigerThe Young TigerMole Face
Enter the DragonOperation DragonOperation Dragonde sobra
1972Fist of FuryEastern FuryThe China connectionde sobra
1971Little Tiger of CantonJackie’s FuryThe broken-hearted masterChan Yuan Lung
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