Customization and embroidery

Customization and embroidery

We are pleased to introduce Kimonosport’s new feature for customization and embroidery.

In each product sheet you can now incorporate an image to be embroidered at the place of the garment of your choice. It proposes the price instantly. Here’s an example:

You can request the customization and embroidery of what you want, in addition to embroidering images we can embroider your name in the language of your choice: Spanish, English, Japanese Katakana, Japanese Iragana, etc…

The designs are a great wonder and the embroidery quote the page offers it to you at the moment. It is easy to carry out the entire purchase process because when you select it you pass it directly to the cart. It’s that easy.

Do you have a SPORTS CLUB?

Perfect. Send us your email and we will send you a username / password so that you can buy with club price and request customizations of your favorite products, karategis, judogis, T-shirts, belts, etc…

Email us at: or

Take a karategi customization test: Ultimate

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