Kumite Sports Course

We are pleased to announce that Kimonosport will sponsor this SPORTS KUMITE and KARATE EXHIBITION COURSE that will be held next Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Playa Paraíso Sports Complex, MURCIA.

The Kumite Sports Course will be led by the great Francisco Egea Cáceres,World Champion of Karate Mexico 2016 and World Champion Cairo 1988 and David Iniesta Chacón, Coach Nacional RFEK and Regional Coach karate.

The course will have two parts, the first the Kumité Deportivo will start at 10:30h and finish at 12:00h.

The second part will be an Exhibition that will begin at 19:00h ending at 19:30h.

For the celebration of the kimonosport event will offer the participants of the course Exclusive discounts to buy in www.kimonosport.com. In addition, we will have surprises that will be unveiled by the Course Monitors.

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