Kuro Obi

Kuro Obi Black Belt Black Belt

Kuro Obi

For the uninitiated Kuro Obi literally means Black Belt or Black Belt in English, but we don’t want to talk now just about that meaning, but about the great Japanese film Kuro Obi starring Tatsuya Naka.
Tatsuya Naka - Kuro Obi
Tatsuya Naka – Kuro Obi
  Tatsuya Naka is a top Japanese karateka. 7th DAN Japan Karate Assotiation (JKA) and instructor at JKA full-time. Its courses around the world stand out for their quality versus quantity. Technically, it’s very good. Here is an official JKA link: https://www.jka.or.jp/en/jsys2/naka-tatsuya/             Going back to the film, in addition to the synopsis that is on the internet by many websites, we can give value in this blog for our opinion and seem about many aspects of the film. Let’s tell you what Kuro Obi is and what’s not Kuro Obi.

What it is

Kuro Obi is a martial arts film, but really good. The whole film from start to finish is based, oriented and grounded in what is the actual training of Karate. At the beginning of the film you can see the three protagonists practice Sanchin Kata as well as techniques from Kihón and other parts of other Katas. And they do it frankly well!!! Kuro Obi is a realistic film. Everything you’re going to find in Kuro Obi is true. A “Haito” or a “Shuto” at the base of your skull can kill you. — True as long as the performer has the training, aiming, strength, speed enough to be effective. In the film everything is realistic from the protagonists, since they are all karatekas. It is a film with a photographic quality and a very interesting atmosphere, the Showa era, 30s. Everything is in line with what might be expected. The soundtrack is very apt and inspiring. Even the katas at the end of the film are cared for not only in terms of the art of karate but in terms of lighting and soundtrack. The katas that run at the end of the film are Nijushiho/Niseishi and Sepai. — Link to katas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYUxr4Qaq3Q  

What is not

It’s not a movie of flying kicks or impossible stunts or anything like that. It’s not a movie that’s going to compete with any Van Damme or Jackie Chan movie. It’s not a film that’s going to pique a lot of interest in an environment outside of traditional karate. His plot is simple, but realistic, which is actually what is sought in this film.    


For karate practitioners you will find an exciting film. Full of moments full of feeling, techniques and training. There are small samples of training such as the images of Makiwara, or Sanchin Kata showing that deep breath (IBUKI)  
Breathing in martial arts
Breathing in Sanchin Kata

The makiwara

It is a semi-rigid pole originating in Okinawa designed to learn how to hit. The main goal of hitting underlies many others who complement this first. Strengthening joints, body alignment, Hara contraction, mental concentration, muscle concentration, etc… Practicing makiwara is recommended for karate practitioners with a certain level of learning. It is a part of the training and conditioning denominated in Japanese as Hoyo Undo.
    In the following photo we can see Funakoshi practicing with the Makiwara.  
Funakoshi Makiwara
Funakoshi Makiwara


We highly recommend this film. You’re going to enjoy yourself like dyes. It is very likely that you will open a window to another dimension, to another way of seeing karate or to open a new stage in your understanding of karate. Our recommendation is that you see it in Japanese, without translation or subtitles or anything. It’s a self-understood film that makes a lot of money.   Osu!   Kimonosport_2018 kimonosport_web s.l.

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