2020 Olympic Karate

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Karate will become an Olympic at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

It is great news for the entire karate community, and for Spain more specifically given the great sports advantages that we have and that we will present one by one in this news.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The two are two of the great medal opportunities for Spain. They hardly need presentation given their track record of success and great charisma.

Sandra Sánchez Jaime (Talavera de la Reina, 1981), considered best female karateka after being three years in a row as No. 1 in the WKF World Ranking. In November 2018 she was crowned Karate World Champion at the World Championships held in Madrid.

He has a great record of sporting successes, but the most important has won it since 2015, the year in which he would win the Spanish Championship and European Championship, being a springboard for what would come next.

Karate has made me who I am, it has forged a lifestyle of my own and also as a person

Sandra Sanchez Jaime

Sandra has always shown off an overflowing smile as well as a true, noteworthy humility. He is a close person and always turned to help others, as he has shown countless times.

When you put on karategi the smile changes to a serious countenance. At that moment he brings out the great warrior inside and emerges like a storm.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Sandra Sanchez Jaime

Damián Hugo Quintero Capdevila (Buenos Aires, 1984), an Engineer on the tatami.

Damian is another case of effort and determination. An engineer by profession, he knows what effort is given the toughness and complexity of his career, given that he has combined it with karate training.

Damian has a great year in 2004 when he wins all the National Championships where he participates, at which point an incredible event takes place, No Spanish Karateka had won an absolute medal at that age.

I don’t consider myself a coconut, but when I want something I try to get it. Sport gives you a sense of sacrifice, a ability to strive and give it a more

Damian Quintero
Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Damian Quintero

Karate’s Spanish team to the Olympics.

The Spanish Karate team will be made up of a cast of great champions.

We are convinced that The Spanish Karate will give the best of itself to debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with the best.

The RFEK has the best technicians and the best possible athletes, so we have ensured a great performance of the Spaniards in Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Spanish Karate national team

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