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It’s all about Quality and Durability. My impressions of the Tokaido Kata Master.

More than 5 years ago I decided to try a Tokaido, the Kata Master.

I was told about the Japanese brand Tokaido a long time ago. In my dojo was a black belt that had a Tokaido belt over 30 years old and was like new.
He had a beautiful silk of great quality. The belt looked more sturdy and elegant. It certainly looked like you were looking at a handcrafted, quality piece. Compared to other belts he certainly exhaled quality and distinction on all four sides.

I started digging to see what products this brand had and it turned out to my surprise that not only were they selling belts but they had everything, Belts, Karateguis, T-shirts, weapons, backpacks, etc… A great variety, and the best of all the price. The best price on the market!

I sweat a lot, but still the karategi is like new.

First impression with the Tokaido Kata Master

When I received it, already seeing the Kanjis in the bag written, the quality of cotton and labels makes it very present that you are looking at a Japanese engineering product.

When I put on the house, I realized the quality of the cotton. The tying cords looked very sturdy.

I thought the cut was excellent. Very elegant, and very well finished.

I’ve been washing it cold all the time, except when it gets really dirty which then I give it up to 40 degrees.

After 5 years of use

It is amazing how after 5 years of use the karategi presents an exceptional state. I sweat a lot, but still the karategi is like new.

In the dojo we do Kihón, Kumite, Kata, projections, Nage, Personal Defense … come on, everything and the Karategi is good for everything.

It’s an all-terrain thing, which at the price at which I sell it, I’m certainly going to repeat.

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