Quality Tatami – Happy Customer

Quality Tatami

Tatami Quality, Happy Customer. Don’t let them tell you stories.

The main function of the tatami is to cushion the floor for a long time and in that we are the best.

As usual, our customers demand a Quality Tatami and also beautiful and well installed.

Kimonosport’s Tatamis are the best, that’s something already known, but now you’re going to see it in the first person.

Tatamix, our brand of Tatami reference.

As you can see in the photograph the installation in this case was perfect. A striking green color with a red back, perfect for that stay. Valid for any martial art, boxing, etc….

A tatami that will be perfect for a long time!

Quality Tatami
Tatamix JJ40 Installation


Kimonosport offers the widest variety of Tatamis on the market.

  • Karate: T25X, T20X, K20W, E20S, E20X, LC25X, LC20X, etc…
  • Judo: TT40, TL40, J40F, J30L, etc…
  • Miscellaneous: TK20, W20X, W25X, etc…
  • Mold walls.
  • Tatami Folding.
  • Roll-up tatami.
  • Etc…

A long etcetera of tatamis of many colors and materials.

Designed for you by those who really know about Tatami --> Tatamix

Stop by our Tatamis section and discover the full range of Tatamix: Tatami Shop

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