Your martial arts store

Your martial arts store

Kimonosport, your martial arts store.

Specialized in Karate, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Boxing, Aikido, Kickboxing, Full-Contact, sports floors, etc….

In this post we will tell you the 10 advantages of buying in

Your martial arts store

Advantages decalogue

  1. GUARANTEED. In we always have the best prices. .
  2. COMMITMENT. No one has the material we have. Best material at the best price. Made in Japan, Made in Germany. Engineered in Germany or Japan.
  3. We’re LAST. We always have the latest news from all collections.
  4. WE ARE THE SOLUTION. We always have a solution to any problem: Sizes, try it in our stores, change it easy, professional advice. We advise you, we are experts.
  5. TO PLACES. You can buy in installments. Any garment up to 12 months. Easy and with two clicks.
  6. We’re Tatamix. If you need a Tatami,we have the best brand. And we are official distributors of the brand, so we have the best prices and the best tatami stifs in the world.
  7. THE BEST. We sponsor the best of Karate and Judo. The best have to have the best material to be safe.
  8. EASY AND COMFORTABLE PURCHASE. ONLINE raglo card. If you don’t know what to give away, buy a Kimonosport card and send it to whoever you want. The “grateful” will be able to buy anything with his card.
  9. Follow us on Social Networks. We have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter. Following us has a prize. In networks we organize draws often.
  10. PROTAGONIST. Do you want to appear on the cover of Kimonosport as Jose Manuel Egea? Contact us, send us a photo. If the photo is good we will contact you to publish it. It’s that easy.

Martial Arts Store Brands

We have the best Japanese martial arts brands:


Do not hesitate, Kimonosport is Your Martial Arts Store.

Be sure to visit our martial arts store: ONLINE Store,we have the best deals, GUARANTEED.

Your martial arts store
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