New Gyms Section – What’s New Kimonosport

New Gyms section - What's new Kimonosport.

It is an honor for us to introduce you to the New Gyms sectionWhat’s New Kimonosport.

We present to you the New Section“Gyms”

In this section we offer you all the material related to the term Gym, that is everything you can imagine that there may be in a Gym.

For example, dumbbells of all kinds and weight, Kettlebells, elastic rubbers, machines for your personal development and much more.

New Gyms section - What's new Kimonosport.
Rubber dumbbells

You have available dumbbells from 0.5Kg for those who are just starting out or those who need little weight to work for example Triceps, shoulder, etc… those who are already seasoned weight lifters with dumbbells up to 40kg.

1kg Vinyl Dumbbells

You also have the arch-famous already Kettlebell:

Kettlebell 3kg

Kettlebels are weights of Russian origin. They began to be used in Crossfit, but have already become widespread to other disciplines or simply to improve fitness.

In Kimonosport you now have them available in all weights

New Gyms equipment

Whether you have a Gym or simply need to store and organize your sports material, Kimonosport now offers a wide range of very useful cabinets and boxes.

Plastic Basket (60x40x30cm)
Storage box
New Gyms section

Stop by our New Gym section and discover all the material>we put at your disposal — Gyms

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