Boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves

There are several types of Boxing gloves on the market.
They are usually classified according to two variables: USE and WEIGHT. … although they can be classified by many more things like ropes, Velcro, building material like Leather or PU Leather, whether they carry Gel or not, etc…

In the specialized boxing stores you can find all these types of gloves that we’re going to talk about now. As for brands there are many, some of them are real icons of boxing like the Charlie March.


Attention to weight you have 8OZ, 10OZ, 12OZ, 14OZ, 16OZ, 18OZ, 20OZ

Sack Gloves

Sack gloves are gloves specially developed to hit against sack. The goal of these gloves is to help perfect the technique and tune with the sack. They have padding to cushion shocks and injuries as a result of the hard materials from which the sacks are made.

Charlie sack gloves

Sparring Gloves

As the name suggests these gloves are designed to make gloves with a companion or Sparring.

This type of gloves incorporate extra cushioning to try to damage as little as possible to sparring.

Sparring session is usually done with 16OZ regardless of size or weight. If you weigh a lot, that is, if it is Heavyweight, you even do Sparring with 18OZ or 20OZ.

Retro Boxing Gloves
Charlie 16OZ Gloves

Competition Gloves

These are the gloves used in real combat. Amateurs typically use 12OZ, 14OZ or 16OZ.

The professionals are governed by the regulations of the different federations of each country. In Spain it is governed by the Boxing Federation which in material of Gloves for professionals says the following:

“The weight of the gloves will be 227 grams (8) ounces each, from minimum weights (47,627 kg) to Superwelters, including (69,853 kgs.). And 284 grams (10) ounces each, from the Mediums (72,574 Kgs.) to the Heavy ones, including (+ 86,182 kgs.). Gloves must be those approved by the F.E.B. They will be knotted with ribbons over the wrists, and will have their thumbs attached or glued.”

New Mex Rope Boxing Glove
Charlie Strings Gloves

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