Curiosities about IP Man

IP Man

Step in with us and we’ll find you the Curiosities about IP Man.

First of all you should know that IP Man was a real Wing Chun master, not just a movie.

IP Man, real name Yip Kai Man natural from Foshan, Canton Province, China. Chinese martial arts master, Wing Chun.

Do you know who was his most celebrated student?

IP Man was an extraordinarily educated and kind man. His close friends say he was a “Good Man.” One of the things that proved to hate IP Man was to tell someone that he was wrong.

At the age of 55, he traveled to Hong Kong, where he had to fight as Sifu (Chinese Master) with other teachers to hold Wing Chun’s right to teach. He had thousands of students of which the famous Bruce Leestands out.

Ip Man
Ip Man and Bruce Lee.
Wing Chun sequences.

A great IP Man action

It turns out that as we mentioned earlier, IP Man was a good man. One day with a training partner, he witnessed a man assault a woman. He confronted the man, who turned out to be a police officer and defeated him.

The History of IP Man in Film

IP Man is a Chinese semi-biographical martial arts film that speaks primarily of the life of IP Man.

The film stars Donnie Yen and is about Ip Man, a respected Wing Chun master, combining martial arts study with the occasional combats he is forced into by his fans. These are times of prosperity that the war with Japan threatens to end. With the occupation tragedy will erupt and Ip Man will be forced to defend the honor of his people

There’s already a series of IP Man films in which personals of the likes of Myke Tyson have been involved. The saga consists of 4 Movies:

  1. IP Man: 2008
  2. IP Man 2: 2010
  3. IP Man 3: 2015
  4. IP Man 4: 2019

We hope you liked the Curiosities about IP Man. now you can watch the movies knowing more about this great martial arts master.

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