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The gripping story of Jean Claude Van Damme. Talking about Van Damme is talking about Karate.

Van Damme’s Great Flexibility

As we mentioned on facebook Van Damme has been outstanding in many areas, but flexibility is what has partly made him an authority on his own. Doing martial arts is complicated by their dedication and suffering, but getting that fexibility is within reach of very few. Read on and find out how he did it, Mr. Flexibility. Talking about of Van Damme karate is talking of great Star.


He is one of the most famous action actors in the history of cinema, but he also hides one of the most unpublished stories. He comes to show that his eagerness for self-improvement is unmatched.

Jean Claude Van Damme’s life is an example of overcoming and continual struggle to realize the dreams he had since childhood. However, it wasn’t enough for him just to achieve his goals and goals, but he had to keep them or keep fighting for new ones and thus remain happy.

This is what happened to Jean Claude Camille Francois van Varenberg, who is his real name, a young Belgian who with work and effort forged himself as a martial arts champion, Kickboxing and got to be known worldwide for his action films. His life has had many ups and downs in which he has gone through real hells. Luckily for him and for everyone, he’s always got over them.

A Fighter’s Life

Van Damme as a kid.

Jean Claude claims that as a child he was a small, thin, sleek person who loved martial arts. At just 12, his parents first enlisted him at a gym where he began karate.

18 he got the black belt first karate dan. At the age of 19, he was crowned European Champion of team-based karate with Belgium. He also became trained in other disciplines such as Muay Thai and Taekwondo.

Not only was karate that helped him improve his physical condition, as for 5 years this young man also attended ballet. A discipline that allowed him to gain great elasticity and get his famous “splits” in which he is able to open his legs 180o.

The Belgian actor states that ballet is an art but it is one of the toughest sports: “if you are able to survive a ballet training you can withstand the training of any sport”.

As if that weren’t enough, he also began working with weights in his teens to grow his muscle mass. At just 18 years old, Jean Claude already owned his own gym in Brussels. In addition, he also got the title of bodybuilder Mr. Belgium.

“He came to the U.S. with little money, no papers and came to steal to eat”

Their struggle was constant to become an actor

Young Van Damme
Young Van Damme

No doubt, what Jean Claude Van Damme fought for the most was because of his dream of becoming an actor. At 22, the Belgian sold his gym and traveled to the United States without having papers and without knowing much of the language. There he had to do all kinds of jobs as a taxi driver, shoe cleaner, waiter, pizza delivery man, limousine driver, and even he claims in his film that he went on to steal so he could eat.


All this to achieve your dream. As his career didn’t work, he came to ask Chuck Norrisfor help, who hired him first as a sprinkler and then as a specialist for his film “Disappeared in Combat”.


But no doubt his most important anecdote was when working in a restaurant he found director Menahem Golam,who was not hesitated to show him his famous “split”.

With this fact he got some camera tests with the director to see if he could be a good action actor. I’m sure it would make a good impression because it ended up giving him a supporting role and later the lead role in “Bloody Contact.” From there he made many other films as “Kickboxer” and became one of the most famous actors of the late 80s and 1990s.


Van Damme KickBoxer
Van Damme KickBoxer

Despite all he had achieved, it was not easy for him to live that time as an actor in America and paid the price for fame. Some problems of work stress, and different failures in his films caused him to start frequenting alcohol, parties and starting in cocaine use, to which he later became addicted.

This caused a drop in the quality of his films and in his own personal life. The actor married five women with those he had three children in less than 20 years. But luckily, all the greats get up and he was not going to be any less. He came to be in a rehab facility, but left it the following week. However, he claims that he overcame his addiction by himself.

Now Jean Claude Van Damme says he is happy living with his fifth wife. In addition, he continues to make films that he directs and produces, most of which is Serie B. Everything is good for what they continue to believe in the martial arts myth.


Palmas Van Damme
Palmas Van Damme



AñoTítulo originalTítulo en EspañolNota
2017Black Water  
Kickboxer: Retaliation  
Kill’em All  
2015The Tower Announced
Yoksek Derece Cameo
Jian Bing Man Cameo
Kickboxer: Vengeance Completed
Full Love (The Eagle Path) Director, Screenwriter, Completed
2014Pound of FleshCritical state 
SwelterRed Desert 
2013Enemies CloserFence to the enemy 
U.F.O.Alien Uprising 
Welcome to the jungleWelcome to the jungle 
2012The Expendables 2Mercenaries 2 (Spain)Also known as: The Indestructible 2
Six bullets6 bullets 
Dragon EyesThe Eyes of the Dragon 
Universal Soldier Day Of ReckoningUniversal Soldier: Judgment DayAlso known as: Universal Soldier 4
2011Assassination GamesKiller game 
Kung Fu Panda 2Kung Fu Panda 2Voice Dubbing: Master Crocodile (Drawings)
Beur sur la ville Cameo
2010Universal Soldier: RegenerationUniversal Soldier RegenerationAlso known as: Universal Soldier 3
The Shepherd: Border PatrolThe Patrolman (Border Patrol) 
2007Until DeathDefiance of death 
The Hard CorpsThe Hard CorpsAlso known as: The Hard
Second in CommandIn enemy territoryAlso known as: Diplomatic Defense
2004Wake of DeathJust revenge 
2003In HellWild 
2001The OrderThe Order 
ReplicantThe Replicator 
1999Van Damme’s InfernoVan Damme’s Inferno 
Universal Soldier The ReturnUniversal Soldier: ReturnAlso known as: Universal Soldier 2
1998LegionnaireSoldier of Fortune 
Knock OffIn the eye of the hurricane 
1997Double TeamThe colony 
1996Maximum RiskMaximum risk 
The QuestThe Quest 
1995Sudden DeathSudden Death 
1994Street Fighter: Ultimate BattleStreet Fighter: The Last Battle 
TimecopTimeCop: Police in Time(redoubled in 2005)
1993Hard TargetHuman WhiteAlso known as: Operation Hunting
Last Action HeroThe Last Great HeroCameo
Cyborg 2Cyborg 2 (The Glass Shadow)Cameo: Cyborg’s flashbacks
Nowhere to RunNo Escape(Win or Die) 
1992Universal SoldierUniversal Soldier 
1991Double ImpactDouble Impact 
1990Death WarrantFreedom to die 
LionheartLeo the FighterAlso known as: Full Contact(redoubled in 1998)
1988BloodsportBloody ContactAlso known as: The Great White Dragon
Black EagleBlack Eagle 
1986No Retreat, No SurrenderNever back up, never give up 
1984Breakin’ (extra)
Missing in Action (extra)
Barbarous Street (extra)
Monaco Forever  
Rue BarbareThe wildest of all 



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