Rafael Aghayev

Rafael Aghayev

Rafael Aghayev, a champion with capital letters.

To speak of Rafael is to speak of 5 Karate World Championships in kumite modality. That’s his hallmark.

He is a karateka with specialization in Kumité. In the beginning he began to participate in minor tournaments, winning victories. Azerbaijan Federation President Yashar Bashirov immediately set his sights on him. He bet on him because he saw a clear determination towards victory.

Rafael debuted with the Azerbaijan national team in 1997 but was unsuccessful. It was the following year that he won the English Open.

At the age of 16 he made his debut for Cadet, earning a 5-place finish, but it would be the following year that he would win in the Cadet and Junior Championships in Germany.

At just 19 years old he was proclaimed European Champion in the Senior -65kg category in Croatia.

The world championship would arrive in 2006 in Finland where the first of 5 would arrive.


Rafael Aghayev undergoes the most demanding training. In this case we can see him train with another Junior Lefebre world champion.

Fast, electric, powerful and with a lot of mental strength. Spectacular!

Raphael’s Technique

Our opinion

Rafael is a world-class fighter. It has an unusual speed and impressive reflexes.

His physical form is very well worked which is noticeable in the recoveries after some entry.

It has a relatively short leg (it measures 165cm) but very powerful, which gives it a very powerful attack.

After the change in regulations, which prevented, among other things, two-handed grips, Rafael had to reborn from his ashes, as he won many bouts and world championships with his double-grip and sweeping technique.

Here we have a rafael match with our great Ivan Leal in 2005.

Now we offer you a fight with the regulations changed. Against Ken Nishimura.

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