The best Karatecas

Jose Manuel Egea

This is our ranking with the best Karatecas ever.

We have included what in our opinion are the ten best Kumite karate competitors in history.

We want to point out that we are talking about competition karatekas in Kumite mode. In karate as you know there are two modes of competition, Kata and Kumite. In addition, karate is very broad and many different modalities are practiced distributed in schools. We will already talk in another note about what is known as the “Core” of karate, which is nothing but the Traditional Karate, the Karate-do.

The best Karatecas

1 Jose Manuel Egea

Jose Manuel Egea
Jose Manuel Egea

Karate a record of real heart attack. The most complete.

We are looking at what could be called a gifted for karate. The one that holds the most championships in the world, between the previous WUKO and the WKF.

Absolute dominance of each fight. Immediate analysis of the opponent with incredible decision-making ability. Reaction speed, throwing, bravery. Lots of resources. Ability to adapt instantly to any circumstance. Psychologically the strongest.

2 Rafal Aghayev

Rafael Aghayev
Rafael Aghayev

Rafael holds no less than 5 World Championships.

A hell of a karate, which is devilishly fast and accurate. Strong legs like oaks. Excellent against him. Able to throw or project to any competitor no matter how large or tall. Few competitors have put him in real trouble in recent years. Lots of resources.

3 Emmanuel Pinda

Emmanuel Pinda

Karateka French with 2 World Championships to his credit and several Europeans.

Emmanuel, a front-line competitor who gave a lot of battle and beautiful battles between which he competed with Jose Manuel Egea as they coincided on the tatami.

Great character and decision. A direct and determined attacker making it easy for him to win fights and literally pass over many of his opponents.

4 Wayne Otto

Wayne Otto vs Jose Manuel Egea

Wayne Otto, three times world champion and six times in Europe.

Large Karateka with many resources. He knew how to make the most of his wingspan by having a mawashi at a very certain distance.

5 Ivan Loyal

Ivan Leal

Ivan Leal, great competitor and great karateka. 2 times Individual World Champion and 2 others per team. 5 times European Champion.

Competitor with a left-wing Mawashi for a heart attack. Fast and effective. Brave. He never gave a fight for lost. Lots of resources. Robust and reliable.

6 Alexandre Biamonti

Alexandre Biamonti

Karateka of French origin. A brutal competitor with many resources. Very good technique and definition. Sweeps, projections, etc… Very complete.

Here we can see a video in which he performs technique and you can then see how he applies it to combat:

A delight to watch this video.

7 Jesus Juan Rubio

The best karatecas
Jesus Juan Rubio

Great competitor and karateka. 1992 Karate World Champion. 5 times European Champion. A much larger Palmarés if we indicate that he was 25 times Champion of Spain and 30 times of Madrid. Silver Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit.

Very rocky competitor, great decision-making and courage. Great repertoire. It’s almost better to see and enjoy it.

8 Junior Lefevre

The best karatecas
Junior Lefevre

World champion Munich in 2000. 2 times European Champion 1998-1999.

Competitor with many resources. Attack Yuaku Tsuki, uraken, kick, etc… It doesn’t have a definite repertoire. (in the video you can see).

9 David Luque

The best karatecas
David Luque

The brilliant David Luque, 2 times World Champion and 6 times European Champion.

A karateka with incredible speed. A bomb-proof mindset, capable of lifting the stadium in every action.

10 – David Santana

The best karatecas
David Santana

Individual and 2 times Team World Champion. 2 times European Champion.

Lots of resources, very direct and cerebral.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best karatecas.

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