Judogi for Child

judogi for child

From Kimonosport we want to help you choose a good judogi for your little ones. The judogi for the well-chosen child.

Fundamental guide to the main issues to consider for the smart purchase of a judogi for a child.

The first thing you should know and that you should know is that the judogis are made of Cotton 100. They are made like this so that they are not harmful to the skin. Distrust of other fabrics, they must be made of 100 Cotton.

Children have very sensitive skin and we must avoid by all means that they may suffer chafing caused by a poor quality judogi.

judogi boy

The judogis are made by a cotton lattice that adopts the name“Rice Grain”. This name takes it in reference to the texture of the old Japanese tatami mats that had a texture reminiscent of the grain of rice.

This way of interlacing the fabric makes it much more tear-resistant fabric.

Doubles and Triple Seams.

Between the different parts of the house we will find reinforcements that can be sewn with double or triple seam,so that the manufacturer ensures that it will not be unstitched with a simple pull.

“The flap is important”

We must not forget that judokas constantly use sleeves and flaps to make the grips. These areas are at peak risk of tearing, so the manufacturer places special emphasis on taking great care of the robustness of that tissue. It’s super-reinforced fabric.

Cotton specific weight

It is important that we look at the cotton weight specifications. The higher the concentration of cotton, the greater the weight. For children a “weight” in between 360Gr and 390Gr is correct.

For older children and even adults, they usually exist of the following weights:

450GR, 550GR, 650GR, 750GR (IJF), 950GR, 970GR

In kimonosport we have all these weights and with the specifications IJF and without them: Judogis

IJF (International Judo Federation), International Judo Federation. They are the ones who define the standards that competition outfits must meet. It’s sealed right now with a red stamp.

We hope this guide will help you decide on a right judogi for your kids!

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