About us

Kimonosport always seeks to offer the best experience for the user, being your shop of Karate and martial arts Specialized. We dedicate ourselves in body and soul to the online sale of products and sports equipment being aware of the need to provide a good service and to give a professional treatment to our clients. We work with Tokaido España.

Our history:

In the years 50 the founder of Tokaido, Mr. Shizuo Sugiura began to manufacture Karateguis for his friends who practiced karate. Until that time the karate performed karate with Judogis, pijamas, etc… In a variety of clothes as there was no “official” uniform to perform karate. Mr. Sugiura was a man conspicuous and skilled person, attending demonstrations, events, formal and informal competitions related to karate. At that time Mr. Sugiura worked in the textile industry and saw an opportunity to combine his hobby with his work. Why not develop a uniform for karate as was happening with other disciplines such as judo? Mr. Sugiura began developing and supplying sample uniforms to the instructors of the Japan Karate Association. At first there were a lot of complaints and reviews luckily. Mr. Sugiura dedicated a lot of time to make and refine the manufacturing process and make the dress well. The result after much and difficult work was the birth of the first uniform of karate or Karategui. The uniform was become popularized and little by little were more martial artists who began to use it. Then Mr. Sugiura established the brand TOKAIDO, the first company of Karate uniforms. Today TOKAIDO continues to perform the karateguis in a traditional way. The Karateguis are cut and sewn by hand. This is done to get the best possible uniform. It can take longer manufacturing time, but it’s really worth the result. The original factory is still maintained in Nagoya and some generations of the first employees continue to work at the factory.