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Your martial arts store

Your martial arts store

Kimonosport, your martial arts store. Specialized in Karate, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Boxing, Aikido, Kickboxing, Full-Contact, sports floors, etc…. In this post we will tell you the 10 advantages of buying in Advantages decalogue GUARANTEED. In we always have the best prices. . COMMITMENT. No one has the material we have. Best material at […]

Quality Tatami – Happy Customer

Quality Tatami

Tatami Quality, Happy Customer. Don’t let them tell you stories. The main function of the tatami is to cushion the floor for a long time and in that we are the best. As usual, our customers demand a Quality Tatami and also beautiful and well installed. Kimonosport’s Tatamis are the best, that’s something already known, […]

Cheap Karateguis

Cheap Karateguis In our post today we are going to talk about cheap Karateguis. Talking about cheap karateguis is not synonymous with poor quality karateguis. Talking about our cheap karateguis is synonymous with garments made with dedication and taste adapted and designed for children. As you will see later, these karateguis are well thought out […]