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In our store of eskrima you will find the necessary material for the practice of this sport . A eskrima staff made with the best materials and qualities, to be able to train and compete at the highest level.

The eskrima is a martial art of Filipino origin , which in turn has been influenced by the eastern and western martial arts, the great example we have in Spanish fencing.

His practice is based on the use of several weapons, mainly eskrima sticks . These canes usually have a measurement not exceeding 70 cm in length. But this sport also includes combat techniques without weapons, melee. In which you can also include not only hand-to-hand or Filipino boxing, but also fighting techniques, such as grabs, takedowns and dislocations .

When competing it is necessary to have protection vests, competition sticks, helmets and gloves . Protection is necessary even in the simplest workouts, since a blow received at a bad time can be very painful.

If you want more information about this sport, and you want to buy a quality and resistant eskrima cane , do not hesitate to visit our online eskrima store. We work with the best suppliers of these unique and powerful weapons.

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