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In Kimonosport we are your Jiu-Jitsu shop specialized. You can find all the material you need, from Jiu Jitsu kimono to protectors or bandages to give everything in training and competition.

This sport of Japanese origin encompasses a large number of modern combat systems, based on fighting and unarmed defense against armed or unarmed aggressors. The main movement of Jiu Jitsu are dislocations of the opponent’s joints, as well as knocks, kicks, knees or thrusts. Although it is a martial art where weapons are not usually used, it is possible to use objects such as ropes, fans or even small arms.

If you are passionate about this martial art, do not hesitate to visit our Jiu Jitsu shop, where you will find the best prices, and the best products for your training. Find the jiu jitsu kimono you need to give it all, as well as complementary products to get the maximum performance in your workouts.

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