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Pilates is a great fitness activity , and it is also feasible to perform pilates at home. Here you can find a lot of Pilates material. Best Pilates Shop.

The Pilates method is a system that has as its objective the physical and mental improvement . It was created at the beginning of the century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. His idea was to mix 3 specialties that he knew perfectly, gymnastics, yoga and traumatology. In such a way that he managed to unite in an effective way strength, metal control and dynamism.

The objective of Pilates is to use the mind to control the body. The activity focuses on the development of internal muscles to achieve body balance and overall stability. This activity is widely used in rehabilitation therapies. There are many levels, so it is ideal when we have to recover from a hard blow. It is also very recommended to prevent and cure back pain . Its popularity is recent because it is a very popular activity among musicians, actors and professionals of dance and sport.

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