Kobudo Shop – Weapons and Accessories

In our kobudo shop you will find the necessary material to practice this martial art. From the Kenpo Gi designed to make you comfortable, both training and competing , as bo canes.

This martial art is related to the traditional weapons of wood and metal . It has its origin in the seventeenth century, with the civil war in Japan. There was an absolute prohibition of possession and use of all kinds of weapons. Therefore, with the passage of time, the inhabitants of the island decided to develop weapons with domestic utensils, to be able to face the invaders. Until the beginning of the twentieth century kobudo was not organized, as its practice was illegal. Anyone who wanted to practice it had to do so in secret. With the arrival of the new century, some nobles and masters of arms decided to systematize and group all the knowledge of Okinawan weapons .

Today there are a large number of kobudo organizations in Okinawa, and they all come from the 2 main schools. Some of the most used and famous traditional weapons of this Japanese martial art are the cane bo, the sai(short dagger without edge), the tonfa(stick with handle) or the kama, a Japanese sickle.

If you want to be well equipped and prepared for the practice of this sport, do not hesitate to visit a kobudo shop specializing in this martial art and their weapons.